Artist FAQ


How do I set up a Creator account?

First, you will need to fill out the creator form by clicking the “Get Started” icon located on the homepage. Then, our Artist Relations team will be in touch with you shortly to get you set up with an account and walk you through what to do next.

Can multiple group members access my Creator account?

Yes. Click the “Invite Group Members” button located in the upper right corner of the artist dashboard. Enter the email address of the group member you would like to invite. This will send that individual an email invitation to create an account and will grant them access to the Artist account. NOTE: Only the account that created the page has editing capabilities.

Live Stream

How can I make money through a RoadNation live stream?

RoadNation will provide you with a custom page that will include items for your fans to purchase before and after the show. Some of your items will be virtual and therefore won’t cost you anything to fulfill! We also provide a way for your fans to tip through Venmo or Streamlabs during the broadcast.

How do I chose what to offer on my customized page?

RoadNation is here to help! We will provide you with a list of ideas if you need some inspiration. We encourage you to be creative and showcase your brand and style through custom offerings.

How many artists are included in the show and how much time will I have?

There are 5 artists on each stream and you will have 20-25 minutes to perform your set.

Are there any requirements to participate in the series?

Performances must include live instrumentation for accompaniment and not pre recorded tracks. We also ask that you have a sufficient webcam and microphone so that the audio can be the best quality it can be. We want you to sound awesome!

Where will this be streamed?

On the RoadNation Facebook, YouTube and Twitch pages.

When do I collect my earnings and how do I know what items were purchased?

Your custom page will be active for one week after the show ends (keep promoting it!). Once the page expires, you will receive a purchase and tip report with your orders included. Upon fulfillment, you will receive your portion of the revenue via paypal or check.

How will my fans know to purchase my items?

Promotion, promotion, promotion! We will promote your show as will our industry partners.  We ask that you activate your fans and get them excited about your show through your social media. RoadNation will help you with this!

What percentage do I receive of my earnings?

Revenue is split 85/15 with the artist receiving 85%. We donate a portion of our earnings to charity.


Does it cost anything to run a RoadNation campaign?

It’s free to start a campaign. RoadNation’s commission is 15% of the total purchases inclusive of payment processing fees.

How do I start a RoadNation campaign?

First, you will need to complete the creator form by clicking the “Get Started” icon on the homepage. Then, our Artist Relations team will be in touch with you shortly to get you set up with an account and walk you through how to get started.

What do I need to know before creating a RoadNation campaign?

You will need to know the region you want to tour in, what packages you want to offer your fans to purchase, and the amount of money required for each city to be confirmed (the “City Goal”). You must be prepared to play in cities that reach the City Goal.

Who books the shows?

RoadNation is essentially the first step in the tour planning process. We help to generate revenue for your tour and identify where you should tour. With a successful RoadNation campaign, your team can book shows more easily and earn you more money by showing venues and promoters that fans will be going to the show.

Who fulfills fan purchase orders?

Artists are responsible for fulfilling fan orders. To save on distribution costs, artists can have fans pick up packages at the live show. Also, remember that the packages could include things like video chats, Skype lessons, personal notes, etc., which are valuable to fans and do not require manufacturing or distribution.

Do I have any control of where my shows will be?

You will predetermine the area of the United States where you want to perform. Within that region, the cities that may be confirmed are completely in the fans’ control. You are required to book shows for confirmed cities within 50 miles of the city center. It is in your interest to book as close to the designated city as possible, resulting in higher turnout and more satisfied fans.

What is RoadNation’s definition of a venue?

A venue is any public location that has an address that you can give your fans. This means alternative venues like gymnasiums and restaurants are considered venues.

What if I can’t book a show in a confirmed city?

The fans’ money will be refunded.

How does RoadNation help me with the campaign?

RoadNation has a Campaign Manager to work with you from start to finish. You’ll get guidelines tailored to your campaign, marketing advice for reaching out to fans, and a variety of social media templates for you to use. RoadNation will also provide you data along the way and will promote the campaign on our own social pages.


How do I receive my portion of the funds?

We will distribute your funds either via check or to your PayPal account. When the campaign ends our campaign management team will be in touch to finalize payment details.

When do I receive the money from campaign purchases?

RoadNation will release 75% of your funds to you via your PayPal usually within a week after your campaign ends. The remaining 25% will be released once you confirm that fulfillment is complete.