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$55.00 - Virtual Koffee with Kris! Hang out and chat with me over coffee on zoom!
$11.00 - Personalized shoutout on social media I'll post a personal thank you, tagging you!
$5.00 - Social Media follow! I'll follow you on the platform of your choice
$50.00 - Signed vinyl with personal thank you note! I'll send you a signed copy of my "That Siren, Hope" album on vinyl!
$30.00 - Personalized video message I'll make a short video just for you or whoever you want! I'll sing you happy birthday, say happy anniversary or congratulations on graduating - you let me know! :)
$45.00 - T-shirt or Tank I'll send you a t-shirt or tank hand screen printed by me!
$100.00 - Private Zoom Concert
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