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$15.00 - Virtual Songwriting Process 101 W/ Artist Have a 101 session with Jordan himself and learn his structure and inspiration for his songwriting!
$75.00 - First Listen To Jordan's New EP!!! Be the first to listen to jordan's highly antipacted new EP Coming OCT. 16!!!!!
$10.00 - Personalized Video Message! Personalized video message from jordan himself!
$5.00 - Handwritten Lyrics! Get a hand written song from jordan!
$1.00 - Raffle For A Collab With Jordan! win a chance to collaborate with jordan on either music or acting projects!
$25.00 - Exclusive Merch Get exclusive merch from jordan himself partnering with Reign Devine to personally have unreleased merch before its release!
$50.00 - Music Advice! Get career adive from jordan himself on your next strategic moves in the music industry!
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