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$25.00 - Zoom Coffee Chat Have a chat over a cup of coffee (or tea) with Alex about anything! Guitars, music, New Mexico, cooking, being Greek, opening for Etta James, or whatever comes to mind. Via Zoom. 45 min max.
$25.00 - Zoom Guitar or Vox Lesson Virtual Guitar and/or Voice Lesson with Alex. Via Zoom. 1 hour max.
$12.00 - Autographed CD - In The Meantime Get an autographed cd of Alex's latest album "In The Meantime".
$12.00 - Autographed CD - Six Get an autographed cd of Alex's previous release "Six".
$12.00 - Autographed CD - Make Everything Alright Get an autographed cd of Alex's older release "Make Everything Alright".
$27.00 - CD Bundle Get all 3 cds - autographed of course!
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