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$30.00 - Virtual Coffee with Rench (Artist will email and coordinate details after show)
$15.00 - Shoutout from Gangstagrass Get a shoutout posted on the Gangstagrass Facebook page (100K fans)
$10.00 - get followed by Gangstagrass Gangstagrass will follow you on up to three platforms and then you will be very cool.
$30.00 - Personalized video from Rench Rench will give you props, wish a happy birthday, or talk about something you determine for a 30 second video that will be sent to you! (Artist will email and coordinate details after show)
$12.00 - Lots of mp3s download A big download of a sample platter of mp3s from Gangstagrass and Rench!
$10.00 - Rench album download Download of mp3s of the Rench album "Thems The Breaks"
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