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$40.00 - Virtual Coffee! It's super simple, we can Zoom over a cup of coffee until the coffee in my cup is gone :)
$40.00 - Virtual Pasta! Again, super simple. We can Zoom over a bowl of pasta until the pasta in my bowl is gone :)
$50.00 - Virtual Kids Performance! Do you have a young kid? Lauren and I will do a Zoom performance of "Pete the Cat" for your kid! Look at our YouTube page if you need an example.
$30.00 - Personalized Video Message! I'll send you a personal video message that you can post on your own social media! Let me know if you'd like me to say anything specific like "Happy Birthday" etc.
$30.00 - Video Song Lesson! Like one of my songs? I'll send you a video showing you the basics on how to play it!
$20.00 - Handwritten Lyrics! Do you like my lyrics? I'll send you a handwritten copy of the lyrics to one of my songs. Let me know which song and don't forget to send me your address!
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